Shakyo Class
with instructor:
Yulan Yamamoto

Tracing or copying Buddhist Sutras with a calligraphy brush and ink is a special Japanese Buddhist practice. It is the art of copying or tracing Buddhist sutra with awareness and it brings together the ideals of genuine shodo (Japanese calligraphy). Shakyo harmonizes body and mind and through their integration creativity flows freely. It’s said that the words begin to flow through you to the sheet. It’s possible to experience a calmness in the mind and feelings of bliss with the copied words, and to find a Oneness with the Buddha

Please bring:
    •Small calligraphy brush
    •Ink dish (should be bigger than an iphone)
    •Paper weight and newspaper
    •Suggested donation per class is $2-$5

If you’d like to attend, contact: 415.776.3158 or  


重誓偈の写経から始めます。日時: 10月7日, 日曜日より
場所:  サンフランシスコ仏教会 図書室
費用:  寄付 2ドル
持参するもの:  小筆, インク皿、新聞紙、文鎮
質問がありましたら、吉本明美 までご連絡ください。

✉︎  ☎︎電話:  415.776.3158