Welcome to the 2018 Ginza Bazaar Volunteer Sign-Up Page

Please read this first and then click on the link to the online form below.

Thank you for visiting this sign up page and for volunteering to help make the Ginza Bazaar a fun and successful event! We know this is hard work and we all have busy schedules. We hope that you will enjoy your experience, make good friends, teach others and perhaps learn something new.

The Ginza Bazaar and Obon are our biggest events and also our most important fundraising opportunities. YOU make it successful. You make possible for BCSF to support all the activities of the temple community and to fulfill its mission to make it possible to enable everyone hear the message of Amida Buddha.

As some of us are getting elderly, we would appreciate it if you would consider volunteering for additional shift positions that are left unfilled. Filling all the volunteer opportunities, particularly on Sunday, has been a challenge recently. Please visit our signup page again a week prior to the bazaar to see where you can help.

Some new changes for 2018 Ginza Bazaar sign-ups:

• A new field has been created to allow you to specify the affiliate(s) you are representing. Please mark ALL affiliated organizations that pertain to you and your family. i.e. YAO-Taisho Boys, YAO-Ardenettes Girls, Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, etc.

• The 6am – 10am Chicken Cooking shift on Saturday and and 5am-9am Sunday morning will satisfy the 6 hours volunteer requirement for members of the BCSF affiliates, i.e. YAO.

• For those who have signed up for shifts at Stuart Hall, please be aware that it is located just across Octavia Street from the Gym entrance.

• Food service handlers – Please wear hair covering and use gloves located in the kitchen drawer. Be aware of avoiding cross contamination.

Please direct questions/inquiries to: bcsfginza@gmail.com

Click here to go to the Ginza Bazaar Sign-Up page.