(Perpetual Memorial Service)

Sunday, October 28, 2018, 10:00 A.M

Guest Speaker:
Rev. Dennis Fujimoto of The Buddhist Temple of Alameda

“The desire of all those who request the Eitaikyo Service is that we– who are presently in this world solely because of the sacred life of our predecessors– awaken to and live listening to the Dharma."  (-buttokusandan,buppo chomon)

 Eitaikyo service allows us to express gratitude towards our departed loved ones and is a wonderful opportunity for us to hear the Dharma in perpetuity.

The BCSF Eitaikyo Perpetual Memorial Fund ensures the continuation of the teachings of the Buddha and Nembutsu. This fund is established through donations made in memory of deceased members by the family, relative, and friends. This ensures a perpetual service for the deceased even when there is no one left in the family to observe a Buddhist Service.

 Because the purpose of Eitaikyo is to ensure that a Jodo Shinshu memorial service be conducted annually at the BCSF in memory of a loved one, a one-time donation is requested to place a loved one’s name in the Eitaikyo Registry. An amount of $300 or more is suggested. It is used specifically for religious services which include the purchase of candles and incense, religious articles, altar enhancements and altar repairs. 

Eitaikyo Form.jpg